In the ‘furniture’ state of mind…

Nice post by the wife. 🙂

A whole lot of nothing

Monday: Epiphany

I am sprawled out on our sole divan one fine evening, resting my head on Gucci’s soft belly when I have  a glorious thought. The house resembles a cattle shed and it must be revamped.

I get into ‘what has to be done, should be done soon’ mode and ignore my husband’s statements like ”So what if our sofa is chewed, its cushions are ripped, or the study table looks like it has been through the second World War? Our friends come to meet us, not to see our furniture!”.

I roll my eyes. Can’t believe he thinks this way!

Note to our friends/family: You guys will definitely love us more when you will have a decent place to sit on the next time you visit us!

Tuesday: Leading from the front

I take up this project like the Terminator, determined to vanish every redundant piece of…

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In the ‘furniture’ state of mind…

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