Skye! Part II

Continued from Part I

In the beginning, Skye was afraid of everything. Archita would sneeze, and Skye would get startled out of his wits. Our cook would turn on the mixer to make chutney, and Skye would go and hide in a corner. We would try to take him out for a walk, and he just wouldn’t climb down the stairs. And how could he? He had only known a cage all his life.

We tried coaxing him, pulling him, talking to him, but he just wouldn’t budge. And then, after a week,  we had a breakthrough in the form of Kaalu, our community dog. She would bound up and down the stairs right in front of Skye, as if to tell him, ‘Hey, you can do it too!’. Slowly, one step at a time, Skye would come down the stairs. But once he came down the stairs, he would just meander, sniffing around. He just wouldn’t get beyond 10 metres of the staircase/lift.

Slowly but surely, he started walking a bit more, and little by little, he made friends in the locality. Guru, Sunny, Simi, Shiva, Rex, Tyson, Scooby among others are the other dogs Skye sniffs every once in a while. His best friends are Cleo and Limo. Cleo is a Lab, while Limo is a Dachshund.

We were out of station for a week on vacation and had left Skye at my colleague , Rajeshwari(Raj)’s, place. She has a sprawling bungalow and two beautiful Labs, Hobbes and Suzie. It was such a boatload of fun to watch the three go at each other! Skye would slap Hobbes if he got out of hand and tried to bully him too much, while Suzie would know her limits and behave herself. They’d tire themselves out and sleep off throughout the afternoon, only to get up and run around again. Skye wasn’t sure of where to relieve himself in the new surroundings and happened to have a few ‘accidents’ inside the house. The big hearted Ashish and Raj said they didn’t mind it, but I’m sorry all the same. In revenge, they’d pull Skye’s ears making him look like a bat, and he’d give his trademark, “I don’t give a ****.” expression.

After Skye’s return home after the vacation, we have started giving him chicken to eat. Nothing fancy, just some leg pieces and other boneless stuff freshly cooked properly by Arch, and he just eats it all up in no time, chews the bones to pulp! Hard to believe this was the same guy who would only sniff at his food and walk off in the other direction.

Skye has also started to understand that the moment the leash comes off the hook at home, it’s time for a walk. He just walks right up to the leash holder and gives a look that says, “Clip it on, let’s go!”. The moment he’s out the door, he bolts for the stairs! Boy oh boy, Such a joy!

So yeah, we’re making progress. I’ll keep you posted on any developments. 🙂

Skye! Part II

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