Once Again…

Once again, I’m trying to start blogging. Egged on by my darling wife Archita, and the amazing(knock wood) weather that we have at Bangalore tonight, I decided to write a blog.

As usual, I’m not sure of where this is headed, just that the car is out of the parking lot now. Well, to start off, plenty has happened in the past few days, no wait, months, since I last wrote. My parents made a short, week-long visit to Bangalore from Jamshedpur, we adopted a beagle, named him Skye, and bought my boss’ car, a nice silver Zen Estilo.

So there, that’s from an update perspective. Hmmm… so what else has happened? Oh yes! We’re celebrating our first wedding anniversary next Sunday, on the 7th of April. Nothing major planned as such for the date, except that the run up for it has been a massive choona applying activity from both of us to each other! (Apparently my share of choona has not been applied yet.)

Well, having written all this, I must come to the conclusion that one mustn’t wait for something major to happen before one writes about it. Touch chala jaata hai. And then it’s like trying to clean the Ferrari all over again to take it for a spin. Okay fine, Estilo, not Ferrari.

The next post I promise is going to be about Skye. And will be full of pictures. So, as our silly mailers say, ‘please watch this space for more.’ 🙂

Once Again…

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