Cloud Atlas

Last night, completely on impulse, we went to the Koramangala PVR Cinemas to watch Cloud Atlas, and I can say, without being partial to the Wachowsky brothers, this is possibly one of the most ambitious, audacious, ballsy movies I’ve ever seen. (To be honest, I had understood absolutely nothing of it from the trailer, just like Inception. So I had also thought that I would have to explain it to my wife, Archita. But, surprise! Wifey dearest already knew about a similar concept to this before and she was the one explaining the story to me!)

The sheer scale of the storyline is mind boggling to say the least. Spanning centuries, and geographies the story proceeds at its own pace, multiple actors in multiple roles, with brilliant make up, mirror each other all along, completing the karmic cycle culminating in a grand climax. 

One leaves the theater with a feeling of awe, that such movies are still being made, that people are actually thinking about life enough to produce masterpieces like this. Hats off to David Mitchell for smoking up whatever the heck he is, and kudos to the Wachowsky brothers for bringing in Matrix-level epic content on to the screen.

In the movie, Halle Berry wonders how we keep making the same mistakes. The context is different, and she (probably) doesn’t realize how true her words are, and how true they remain to be across ages and places. Mankind continues to be a slave at the hands of a few powerful beings; some visible, some hidden, but always puppets to the puppetmasters.

Do go through the infographic for something similar to how we are likely to be(or probably already are) controlled, as shown in a part of Cloud Atlas. 

Cloud Atlas

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